Donut Pan

Donut Pan
$9.99 on Amazon
First and foremost, this is a DONUT PAN! Most any baker, be it expert or beginner, absolutely must have this product in their kitchen.

As a self-proclaimed "DIY"-er with high ambitions, receiving this item changed my baking life. I became able to "have my cake and eat it too" as in I was able to maintain my sugar-free regimen while enjoying a sweet favorite: donuts! Recipes are included with purchase, however, you are not limited to these. There are a plethora of recipes available, with and without sugar which allowed me to indulge without the guilt of breaking my regimen.

A person may wonder how in the world donuts can be considered healthy simply because the absence of sugar. Well, one of the most important abilities that owning this pan offers is the ability to BAKE your donuts as opposed to frying them. Maybe you're not on an anti-sugar diet but you're following a "no friend foods" rule - with this product, you can still enjoy donuts. It helps to make these delicious treats available to everyone, even "the dieter," allowing for the success rate of dieting to be higher because you are not depriving yourself.

Let's imagine that you are not following a particular regimen and you happen to love donuts. You no longer have to crave a donut, or drive to the nearest donut shop in order to have one - you can walk directly into your kitchen and make as many batches in as many flavors as you desire. Dieting or not, it is a benefit to have healthy habits and being able to enjoy a baked donut (not FRIED) can certainly be an easy compromise with this pan.

This is a money saver! You do indeed need to buy ingredients, though imagine how inexpensive all those ingredients are versus the price of buying a dozen. or even one, measly donut. It's even easier if you don't want to follow a recipe - use any cake mix. It may taste like a donut shaped cupcake but that's still delicious!