World’s Lightest Solid Matter

World’s Lightest Solid Matter
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Composed of 99.8% air and being chemically similar to that of glass, the world's lightest solid matter is only three times heavier than air itself. With the look of frozen smoke, it makes for a really neat gift idea, or even a treat for yourself. You would definitely be the coolest person in the office with this piece of "smoke" sitting on your desk!

With 15 Guinness Book of World Record entries, it is a fun and unique way to start any conversation. With the futuristic materials, any sci-fi fan would love to have one of their own. The main question we need to ask though is- how does it work? Great question! With super insulating silica produce the lowest thermal productivity possible, the results are the lights solid known, and a great trick!

It's such a great product it is used in many important products that we rely on including; wet suits, fire fighter suits, cosmetics, windows, rockets and paints. One of the most amazing things about the product is how great it is at insulating. For being so light, it has amazing insulating properties,which is why it is chosen for these products specifically. But don't let me forget you can also purchase your own little piece of fun for experiments or to play with.

So, whether you are a science nerd or just looking for the next best thing, look no further. This is definitely a neat product that must be had to show off to all crowds, and I guarantee you will wow everyone who witnesses your light "smoke" matter, that is lighter than air itself! Don't forget to give them out as gifts either, though I not sure how you will look gifting someone "air" for the next holiday or birthday, you just be the next trend setter.