Portable Washing Machine Bag

Portable Washing Machine Bag
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This product is a clean new take on the dry bag idea but makes it a more useful tool for campers, travelers, business professionals and city dwellers alike. The Portable Washing Machine Bag allows you the freedom to continue on with your plans which has not always been the case in the past. With its award winning design and simplistic directions, anyone can pack lighter and always be ready, whether you are camping outdoors or staying the weekend out of town.

Washing your clothing while traveling has always been inconvenient and takes you away from the things that you would rather be doing. With this bag you can re-claim some of that time by not having to spend it at a laundromat or allowing strangers in the hotel to wash your clothing for you. Wouldn’t you feel better having things done right the first time anyway?

There are only five steps in the directions and in the time it takes you to read this article, you could already be an expert of the process. The flexible internal washboard does half of the work for you; all you will need to provide in the “agitation” cycle is the rubbing action to help it out. You can even place it on the ground and use your bare feet to provide the motion while your hands remain free to do something else.

Having one of these bags in your travel items will also save you money which could be spent where you better need it. With its compact design it will never need the full amount of detergent that a conventional washer does. Just having a supply of travel detergent packs is all you will need, but the individual amount will depend on what you are washing and how much.

Imagine deciding while camping that you wanted to stay an extra day but did not have another set of clothing. Maybe an accident happened and you spilled something on your last shirt. You even could be at a hotel and mistakenly not pack enough clothing. Having this bag along with you could be just the item you really needed to save your trip. In five easy steps, you will be back on top of things and ready to go.

The Portable Washing Machine is slim, compact, and easy to add to your bags for the trip. It is ready to be used anywhere and at any time when you need it. We all make our little messes here and there. Being able to confidently clean things up, save a shirt, prevent a stain, or get something back into the drawer before it is missed is always good for your piece of mind.

Thinking outside of the box is how this product was created; there is no reason to stop now. The term water-proof generally means keeping water outside of the container and the contents inside dry. We agree, and we disagree. Here we are keeping the contents wet and everything outside dry so there is no messy clean-up afterwards.

Think outside of the box with me here though. You are camping and need water from a stream, this bag can do that. You are out on the hiking trail and it begins to downpour and you have your phone. This bag can keep it dry and safe for you. You are at the hotel and you need ice from the machine down the hall and those little buckets just won’t do, this bag can do that also. Wet or dry, this bag is the perfect addition to your gear for camping or suitcase for travel.