Hard Boiled Egg Molds

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Eating healthy is and will always be the never ending war between a mother and child. There is not a meal that goes by that you don’t have to make funny faces and choo choo train noises so your little one can take in the nutrients he or she needs. So what else can you do to make healthy meals more amusing to them?

Check out Hard Boiled Egg Molds! With it you can shape any boring egg into a car, rabbit, bear, or stars. This product is made from food grade Polypropylene that is safe to use on all edibles and can be hand washed and can be easily stored because of its small size of 7(L)x7(W)x4.5(H) cm.

These molds are easy to use and only require the mold, boiled egg, cold water, and done in 10 minutes. First you would have to boil the eggs and once they are done remove the hard shell. Once the hard shell is removed place the egg into the cartoon of your choice and close the case. After the case is closed place it in cold and remove it after 10 minutes. Now that your 10 minutes are up open up the case and now you are left with a nutritious meal that has just the right amount of cute.

However, for those who don’t eat eggs, don’t worry! It is safe to mention that you could also use the molds to shape a nice rice roll that would serve as an awesome side to any meal. The option of different cartoon shapes will have every meal filled with giggles and smiles from anyone who sees them. They could be the center of an exciting family activity or even used for party favors at birthday parties, baby showers, and office events, the list of where these playful characters could be used are endless.