Bear Grylls Survival Belt

Bear Grylls Survival Belt
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No one ever knows when they are going to go from a safe situation to one of trying to survive. Planes crash down in to forests, vacations in tropical regions go wrong, even mountain climbing can get dangerous. The Bear Grylls Survival Belt is one survival item you shouldn't leave your home without.

Belt Features

At forty eight inches in length, it is long enough for the average sized man to wear. Women can wear the belt too. Survival equipment this good shouldn't be just for the guys. The belt is functional enough that it could be worn every day if you wanted, but it has some neat pouches inside that make it special.

The two biggest necessities for survival include food and fire. You need fire for cooking and warmth. You need it to dry your clothes if they get wet as well. Food is a necessity because well obviously you would die without it. There are ways to start fires without matches, but it sure takes a while. Inside this belt is a pack of matches that will make it a whole lot easier to get a fire going.

There is another pouch containing fishing equipment to catch some food with. The line can be tied to a stick for a make shift pole or the end of it can be tied in to a loop so you can tie it to your wrist or belt loop so your dinner won't get away. The belt buckle encloses a compartment that houses a mirror that you can use to signal help with a tiny little screw driver.

Belt Uses

Belts as sturdy as this one can be used for a multitude of things. The extra compartment within the belt can hold small valuables like money when your traveling. No pick pocket would be able to access the pocket without removing the belt because the compartment is on the inside of the belt where it can't be seen. In survival, belts can be used to support fractured or broken arms, or make a splint for broken legs. Find a few long sticks or a board and place it under the leg, then fasten the belt around it to hold the splint in place. The belt can even help you hold supplies together. These are only a few of the possible ways, there are many more. This belt more than pays for itself in usefulness.