Emoji Pillows

Emoji Pillows
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When you're texting or sending a message on Facebook, you now have plenty of emojis to choose from. If you've ever found yourself wishing that you could pull the emoji off the screen, squeeze it to your chest, and use it for decoration in your home, then you're in luck! Emoji Pillows are the perfect product for you.

Quirky Decorations

Your home is decorated to reflect your personality. How better to do it than with pillows that perfectly express your personality? If you regularly feel a little devilish, you can sling plenty of emoji pillows around the room. Loving, easily-excited individuals will love the emoji with the big heart eyes. There are are a variety of smiles, angry faces, and even kiss-blowing emojis to choose from, so you can choose the one that best reflects you or have a variety to choose from depending on your mood. You can even pile up the poop emoji--ah, that is, the chocolate ice cream emoji--to express your opinion of your current circumstances, the mess your kids have left you, or the stack of work that you have to deal with when you get home.

The Perfect Tool for Parents of Teenagers

Do you have a compulsively texting teenager who spends most of the day with their face buried in a phone or tablet screen? Have you often wondered if they would even look up if the house came crashing down around them, so long as it didn't knock the phone out of their hands? If so, Emoji Pillows are the perfect tool for you.

Scatter the pillows around your home in little-used corners. Then, when you need your teen's attention, you can throw the pillow at them. It's harmless and won't hurt, but they'll be alerted by something that they recognize. Emoji Pillows can also be used as a conversation tool with a difficult teenager. Simply have them choose the pillow that best reflects their reaction, just like they would online! You'll have insight into your teenager's mood that you never would have foreseen.

The Perfect Size for Propping

Whether you're lounging in bed watching television, propping a pillow behind you on the couch, or propping up so you can see your phone more comfortably while you text (we aren't judging!) the emoji pillow is the perfect size for all of your needs. It fits neatly behind the small of your back in a desk chair, makes a great place to snuggle while you're taking a nap, and lets you get comfortable no matter where you are. It even makes a great pillow for car rides. It's a soft, comfortable pillow that is designed to be lint-free so it will still look great even after plenty of use.

No matter what your small pillow needs, Emoji Pillows are the perfect product for you. You've never before been able to express yourself so stylishly. Keep them at home or take them on the go for comfort no matter where you might be. Emoji Pillows are as versatile as you are!