Hair Chalk

Hair Chalk
$14.99 on Amazon
Hair dyes are so permanent,
extensions unrealistic.
Always-changing pastel-colored hair
could be quite mystic!

Green or blue aren't normal colors
for a head of hair,
but if your head is vibrant
then you might not really care!

Have some fun with your hair, use some chalk! Hair chalk is made from non-toxic materials and stays in hair for up to 48 hours. This item is perfect for dance night, parties, plays, and Halloween. Since the chalk is a little fragile, some chalk may be broken during shipping. In that case, the chalk will still be usable.

A User Review For You: "I have a ten year old daughter with beautiful blonde hair. She has LOVED using hair chalk so much. We 100% recommend this product. BUT, let me tell you what we learned. Don't use the chalk dry. The colors aren't very vivid when dry. Wet the person's hair and quickly dip the chalk in some water. Then, keep dipping the chalk if it becomes to dry. You will LOVE the awesome colors you'll get from the wet hair chalk."