Skull Egg Mold

Skull Egg Mold
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Who doesn't love a good hard boiled egg? They are a breakfast or lunch time staple for a majority of us. With every egg looking exactly the same however, meals can start to feel ordinary and repetitious. But now thanks to Fred’s Egg--A-Matic Skull Egg Mold, we no longer have to live in world full of boring hardboiled eggs.

It’s so simple to turn your normal oval shaped egg into a delightfully ghoulish treat. Made with food safe plastic, the mold transforms a medium sized hard boiled egg into the shape of a smiling skull. It is a fairly simple product to use; just soft boil the egg, peel the shell off while the egg is still hot and place it into the mold. The egg needs to be left in the mold for about an hour in the refrigerator. After that, it can be removed from the mold and enjoyed right away. And because it won’t lose its shape, you can also store it for later.

It takes some patience when learning to use this product. There is some trial and error when finding the right size egg and also boiling the egg to just the right firmness to be able to take the mold shape. And of course, if you want to enjoy more than one egg a day, this can become a very long process. With only one mold to use, it may be a good idea to invest in a couple of them. Having deviled eggs in the shape of a skull sounds like a match made in heaven. People would definitely remember that dinner party!

Thankfully you’ll no longer have to settle for the same old thing for lunch, because Fred’s Egg--A-Matic Skull Egg Mold is a really great way to take the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary.

I love this product and I want to eat a skull egg right now! If you have never used an egg mold before, here is what you need to do. First, boil an egg (apparently small or medium eggs fit the best with this mold). Second, peel the newly boiled eggs Third, put the egg in the skull mold while the egg is still warm. Fourth, fill your sink with some cold water and put the mold in the sink. Fifth, wait a few minutes. Sixth, open up the mold and enjoy a skull egg!