Flint Tipped Shoelaces

Flint Tipped Shoelaces
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Imagine camping or hiking in a remote region, and all of the resources you need to start a fire are unavailable; now, ponder how awesome it would be to use the tip of your shoelace to create a fire? Well, thanks to Rattler Strap, you can do that. Each tip of their Flint Lace shoelaces, are manufactured with a 1 inch ferro rod capable of igniting a robust fire.

This is an amazing innovation that is functional and life-saving. In emergency situations you can start a fire with a Flint Lace by striking the removable ferro rod with a knife or rock. Each Fire Lace tip provides up to one hundred strikes, with a total of 400 strikes per set. The laces are ideal for hiking, camping and navigating treacherous terrains.

Outdoor environments are unpredictable, and you can never be too prepared when venturing into the great outdoors. Safety should always be the number one factor and light-weight survival gear should always be handy. Fortunately, Flint Laces are functional, and they are with you at all times; directly laced into your boots for immediate use.

It is reassuring to know that if your lighter malfunctions, or your matches become wet, you can rely on Flint Laces to start a fire in emergency situations. Flint Laces have a great reputation for consistency and reliability. They are the most functional laces on the market; and the manufacturing standards used used by Flint Laces, demonstrate an exceptional commitment to quality.

Flint shoelaces are manufactured with Type lll 7 strand 550 Paracord, which is a rugged material woven in a pattern that endures any type of weather, and they can withstand constant impact inherent to outdoor activities.

This is a really cool product because it makes you feel like you possess James Bond technology that can be useful in a bad situation.