Wooden Watch

$70.00 on Amazon
This dual face analog wooden watch by WeeWood is definitely a standout when it comes to men's apparel. Its unique, clean and beautiful design immediately got my attention. The dark brown wood band snaps easily into place for a comforting fit. It leaves no irritation on the skin. The wood has a sleek, smooth finish and feels great.

The analog watch is programmable for both of its faces. The wood is quality, but not too dense. You can hardly feel it while wearing it. It's easy to slip on, be comfortable, and forget about. Of course, you won't forget about it because, inevitably, you will get comments here and there complimenting the design. Or in some cases, people wanting to know where they can get one of their own.

Part of the appeal of this watch is its uniqueness. You don't see a watch of its type everyday. It catches the eye and has a look of sophistication without pretense. It keeps time very well, also. You won't have to constantly reprogram the it. Which leads me to one of the things I like most about this watch: it's durability. This watch offers a sturdy quality at a nice price and will stand the test of time with moderate care.

These factors make it an excellent gift idea. It's easy to be taken back by its stunning looks and design the first time you grab hold of it. All in all, this one ought to be on the radar for anyone in the market for a quality, durable, and stylish watch that is also affordable. Just as long as you can stomach the near daily questions about where you got it. This one comes highly recommended and worthy of adding to your collection by virtue of its style and build alone.