HTML for Babies Book

HTML for Babies Book
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Kids these days are using technology much earlier than those in the past. Seeing a child with a cell phone, laptop, or even a tablet is a normal thing these days. Many parents believe that is is never too early to teach their babies to be standard compliant. The HTML for Babies: Volume 1 of Web Design for Babies is the perfect book for babies to get a head start on learning HTML markup codes. Seeing these codes and letter forms early on will show them visual patterns and symbols that make up the building blocks of the web. Children will be using technology, might as well make them professionals on it.

This book is the first in a three volume set, which was designed by a NYC Web Designer, for his baby. This book includes many fun and colorful pictures and codes to introduce babies to the world of web design. The book is a board book, so it is easy to handle and touch for babies. This book can be given to any age group, but is suggest for children ages three to five years of age.

There are many reviews from parents on this book. Some reviews were positive and some negative. One review stated that they were actually web designers themselves and were a little disappointed that some of the codes that were included were not valid. Contacting the author, they stated that there just was not enough room and there were layout issues. They would not recommend this book because there were too many errors to be a beginner’s book.

One reviewer said that they were very happy with the book and that it opened up communication in their home. They believe this book has given their child a great start in the web design field.