Futuristic Citrus Juicer

Futuristic Citrus Juicer
$52.64 on Amazon
Form and function into one,
a sculpture on your counter top.
This space age thing
delivers stellar juice with every drop.

Have some liftoff
with a cup of fresh juice every day
made with this gorgeous, spacey
juicer so fun to display!

This futuristic citrus juicer is more than a squeezer, it is a work of art. The juicer is made from aluminum and comes nicely packaged in a gift fox. It is 5.5 in x 11.5 in.

A User Review For You: "I am the type of guy that wants a Lamborghini. I can't afford one. Instead, I bought this really cool juicer. A lot like a Lamborghini, it is probably way more expensive than it should be. BUT, it makes me happy just looking at it in the kitchen."