World’s Largest Portable Hammock

World's Largest Portable Hammock
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There is nothing as relaxing and romantic as a hammock. Imagine yourself taking an afternoon nap while gently swaying in the breeze. Or imagine a late night cuddle fest with your partner under the stars. Sadly, for the plus size gals and big and tall men out there, spending time in a hammock is a mere dream. A family happily cuddling together while on a hammock is just a scene from a movie. Hammocks have never been large people and family friendly...until now.

Thanks to the World's Largest Portable Hammock, everyone can enjoy a tranquil spot outdoors. Couples, kids, large adults, and families can all enjoy a hammock. The manufacturer has strength tested the product to be safe for 350 pounds. Online reviewers state they have had up to 400 pounds in their hammock with no problems. This product features 100% nylon climbing rope carefully sewn into each end for added stability.

The size of this hammock is unbelievable. A whopping 118 inches by 98 inches allows plenty of room for couples to get cozy or families to star gaze. You can comfortably switch positions in this roomy hammock. Easily transform your back yard or campsite into a blissful getaway. Reconnect with nature and treat yourself to a relaxing retreat at the same time.

This product has many great features. It is made of 100% parachute silk so it is very soft and yet it is so durable. The material resists rot and mildew. If it gets dirty simply throw it in the washing machine. It is also dryer safe for added convenience. Many online reviewers rave about how easy this product is to set up, take down, and transport. It is so lightweight, only weighs 26 ounces, even a child can carry it. What could be better than that?