TARDIS Knee High Socks

TARDIS Knee High Socks
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The Daleks had better beware because the Doctor is on his way. Do you think you could do a better job than Rose Tyler, Martha Jones and Amy Pond combined? Are you ready to step into that iconic blue box and be his next companion? Now you can show the world what a true Whovian looks like with a stylish pair of TARDIS Knee High Socks. These women’s socks are the same dark blue as the TARDIS with a white outlined panel and window design up the calf and Police Call Box written in white on a black background near the top. The designed is capped off with a white outline of the light on top of the box.

The high quality socks are officially licensed by the BBC and have the Doctor Who logo across the side of the foot. They are extra warm so that you can enjoy those lazy winter days of watching the Doctor’s run ins with the Daleks or Cybermen. They are designed to fit women’s sizes 9 to 11 so they are the perfect gift for your companion on your travels. They are machine washable on the cold setting with a low dryer heat. They will hold up well to multiple washings without fading or shrinking to ensure you are ready to run when you hear the TARDIS appearing.

When you first get your socks they will feel a little snug around your calves. The 97% polyester and 3% spandex fabric will take a little time to stretch to your proper size. Soon you will be sure to be the talk of your next Doctor Who party. You should be prepared to answer the question “Where did you get those socks?” Being the center of attention will set both of your hearts to racing. Trust me. I’m the Doctor.