Forensics Spray

Forensics Spray
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Have you ever wished that you could pretend that you were in a crime lab of your very own, or perhaps that you were investigating a crime scene and checking out all the important details? Now, you can! With this Forensics Spray, you can turn any room into a crime lab or make believe with any type of crime scene.

Teach a Class

Science teachers around the world will love the ability to experiment with this incredible substance. Luminol glows when it comes into contact with blood in any amount. It's easiest to see under a black light, but the substance also glows faintly in total darkness. Students will enjoy experimenting with it: does the blood show up even when it's diluted? Will the Luminol glow brighter when exposed to pure blood, or will it glow equally regardless of what's inside? The experiments are endless--and for future crime scene technicians, the hands-on experience is invaluable.

Do Your Own Forensic Exploration

Obviously, if you suspect that a serious crime has been committed, you should leave the Forensic Spray to the police. On the other hand, if there's been a minor crime around the house--a scratched pet who got into something they shouldn't have, for example--then why not take the opportunity to do a little junior investigating? Simply spray the Luminol to chase down the blood trail and figure out where it might lead. It's a very exciting, even minorly thrilling, experience that you and your little forensic scientists will love.

School Project Made Easy

Science fair projects can be a challenge for students and parents alike. Engaging in a school project, however, is more fun than ever when you get to play with adult chemicals and pretend to investigate a crime scene. Use the Forensic Spray to design your own Luminol-based experiment or choose from the wide variety currently available on the internet and watch your child light up as they explore and learn.

Use It Fast

Make sure that you don't mix up the chemicals in your Luminol spray before you're ready to use them. Once they've been combined, they're only good for about eight hours, which means that you'll need to get to work fast. As a bonus, however, the chemicals won't continue to glow after the time has elapsed, so you can use them with the confidence that you won't mistakenly end up with a glowing table. If you're only planning a small experiment, there's no reason you can't simply mix a small portion of the chemicals so that you'll be able to use the Luminol for future experiments.

There are plenty of uses for Luminol, from a little amateur investigation to school projects. Whether you're doing it on your own, teaching your kids, or taking it to school as the teacher, this spray will give you plenty of opportunities to learn and explore an exciting substance. Luminol has plenty of real-world applications and a "cool" factor that you and your kids will love!