Mr. Sponge Holder

Mr. Sponge Holder
$12.99 on Amazon
Have you ever looked at the sponge on your sink and wanted to place it somewhere so that it wouldn't stay wet? The Mr. Sponge Holder is an addition to your kitchen that will give you a laugh while you're washing dishes as well as hold the sponge while it's not in use. This holder is one that looks like an old man with a mustache. It would probably look best in a kitchen with decorations of the same kind, but if you need something in a pinch, it will work.

Some might say that it's creepy having a sponge holder with a top hat and the face of what looks like the Monopoly Man on the wall in the kitchen, but it's better than not having anywhere for the sponge to stay when you aren't washing dishes. It does fit easily onto a wall, and it's small enough to fit behind the faucet so that you don't have to prominently display the holder in the room.

The white and black colors will blend with other colors in the room. However, the man's face on the holder doesn't have a mouth or a nose. He has a spectacle covering one eye. When you walk into the kitchen at night, this might not be the first thing you want to see because it has a look that is somewhat frightening.

When you place a sponge in the holder, it almost looks like the man is wearing a bow tie. You can put sponges of almost any size in the holder, and this does come in handy when you don't want to see a dirty sponge laying in the sink. One of the benefits of the holder is that you can put it just inside the sink so that the sponge can drip dry after you wash dishes.

Does the area around your sink always seem to feel cluttered with sponges, dish soap, cloths, and scrubbers? Here is a fun way to clean up some of that clutter. Mr. Sponge holder is a unique, cute place to put your sponge between uses. Works well on the wall or even in the sink if you prefer. Includes his own sponge.