Food Saw

Food Saw
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Gadget geeks, master chefs and woodworkers can all agree that the tool makes the job, so who wouldn't like using a food saw? Looking like a toy for the carpenter's kids, this white plastic saw is a handy kitchen implement with plenty of uses.

The food saw has earned a lot of praise from people serving wedding cake. Wedding cakes range from the simple to the elaborate. Larger cakes present a larger challenge for slicing cleanly and serving your guests without mishap. The large blade carefully slices the biggest wedding cakes, preserving the structure. It also supports the slice better than most cake servers, neatly delivering an intact slice to the guests' plates. You will enjoy the better handling and convenience, but your guests will have a lot of fun watching you power through the layers.

This saw is unique enough to hold as a keepsake knife, using it only to slice your anniversary cakes. What a fun tradition! However, after the nuptials, you would do well to put it to daily service.

Have you ever wondered why lettuce sometimes turns brown at the edges? If you use your chef's knives, they slice the cells of the lettuce leaves. Once ruptured, the cut cells lose the water holding the cell walls in place. The unsupported walls wilt, and your lettuce edges turn brown. The saw makes an excellent lettuce knife, breaking the cells apart rather than cutting them. Intact cells mean fresh, green edges.

This great gadget has other uses, too. It won't replace your steak knives, but it can readily slice French bread. Families training the next generation of little food preppers can hand it over without first counting fingers. We can't recommend the handle for the smallest of hands, but we can attest that the kiddies are drawn to it. The big kids want one, too! It delights dads on Father's Day and moms as stocking stuffers. For the price, you will want to buy two: buy one to use and one to give away.