Pokemon Generation 1 Gym Badges

Pokemon Generation 1 Gym Badges
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Have you ever caught yourself reminiscing about a time when a pokemon battle between friends involved a link cable? What ever happened to the good old days when a “full pokedex” meant catching only 151 pokemon? Have you ever had the burning desire to be the most fashionable pokemon trainer in all of the Kanto region?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, then look no further... the Pokemon League Collection Box is perfect for you! Don't worry if your rival has been interrupting you on your lovely Vermillion City cruises. After stomping his face in with the level 100 Mewtwo you definitely did not get by using a GameShark, pour salt over his wounds by showing him that you’ve already beaten every single Gym Leader in the game! Yes! Every single badge from the original Kanto region is included in this box!

This includes:

-Brock's "The Boulder Badge" aka the “kill me now why did i choose Charmander” badge
-Misty's "The Cascade Badge" aka the “seriously though why did I choose Charmander” badge
-Lt. Surge's "The Thunder Badge" aka the “nidoran is now officially stronger than my starter Pokemon because I decided to choose charmander” badge
-Erika 's "The Rainbow Badge" aka the “HAHA FIRE BEATS LEAF” badge
-Koga's "The Soul Badge" aka the “I shouldn’t have sold all those antidotes I found in the grass” badge
-Sabrina's "The Marsh Badge" aka the “holy poop psychic Pokemon are OP” badge
-Blaine's "The Volcano Badge" aka the “seriously though I should’ve chosen Squirtle" badge
-Giovanni's "The Earth Badge" aka the “how are mafia bosses allowed to interact with small children on a regular basis” badge

Got a rabid Charizard firing his flamethrower at everything in your dining room? Is your Primeape pulverizing all your belongs when you’re not at home? Is your Scyther shredding everything in sight as soon as you leave him alone for a second? Have no fear! The badges and box are very high quality and built to last any damage from your out of control Pokemon!

The box is custom made (crafted by the lovely hands of a Jinx) and the badges are made of metal (forged with the searing hot fires of a Magmar) and translucent enamel fill (colored by your local Smeargle). The badges are a variety of different colors, so they can match almost anything you might be wearing.

The badges are designed as metal butterfly clutch lapel pins. You can pin them on yourself, or let your Jinx wear them to make her look pretty for her next Pokemon competition! They’re about 1.2 inches in diameter, so about eight of them stacked on top of each other would be taller than your average Diglett!

These are great as a gift for casual or die hard Pokemon fans. They can be put onto your clothing to complete an outfit or put on your bag to show everybody that you're a true Pokemon master! Remember, a little dorky is ALWAYS cool.

Get your very own set of Kanto badges today!