Smiling Toast Heated Handwarmers

Smiling Toast Heated Handwarmers
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Are you tired of your hands going cold in the middle of the winter? Walking to and from school, waiting for the bus or just spending any sort of time outside in the cold can make fingers feel like they are going to fall off, even with gloves on. This is no longer the case with the smiling toast heated hand warmers. In fact, these little hand warmers are perfect for both inside and outside. While the hand warmers can work as is, there is a USB cable connection that allows you to plug the warmers into your computer, heating your hands while you type.

The computer lab is always the coldest room in the entire school, and at your office, you might have a boss that likes to keep the temp seemingly below freezing. Wherever you are though, you just plug these bad boys into a USB port and you'll have warm, toasty hands in no time.

Each of the two USB powered hand warmers comes with three adjustable settings, so you can make sure you heat your hands but not cook them. Plus, there are two adjustable wrist straps in order to keep the hand warmers snug around the hands but still provide enough room to be able to type on the keyboard. One size fits most and there really is nothing to this fantastic little warmer. It may even bring a smile to your face while you use it.

Now, you can use the smiling toast heated hand warmers while walking to school over your gloves, but the best way is to get the hand warmers warm before you leave. If not, you'll need to connect the hand warmers to a portable USB battery in order to use them on the go.

Finding it hard to type and keep up with your workload at the office because your hands always seem to be freezing? Try these cute little hand warmers on for size! These smiling toast heated hand warmers plug right into the USB on your computer, and within a short amount of time, your hands will get nice and toasty, and the added bonus is that they won't inhibit your ability to type!