Fingerprint Padlock

Fingerprint Padlock
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For all the forgetful people who need to lock something securely and still be able to unlock it easily, there is a new type of padlock. This padlock is a fingerprint padlock that uses biometrics to lock and unlock the padlock. Unless you somehow get your finger prints destroyed, you will be able to open this lock without much thought or effort.

Even though this is fantastic technology it will not solve locking problems outdoors, it is for indoor use only. It will, however allow the administrator to grant access to the lock to as many as nine other people. When there is no longer a need for a person to be able to have access it can be changed by the administrator. No more re-keying locks on short notice. Ten people can be included on one lock.

This new style of lock does not require a computer to maintain its security. It is powered by two AAA batteries. The lock will cue you when your batteries are low and if you do not replace the batteries soon enough, the fingerprints will still be stored in memory until a new power source is in place.

One advantage of this system is that it is a semiconductor slider fingerprint recognition system. It also allows for multiple users either permanently or temporarily. There is no computer or internet connection to lock, unlock and remember approved users A dead battery does not kill your security system either.

With a fingerprint lock you can easily lock up almost anything. Shared passwords passed along to others is not a problem, and it is virtually impossible to lose your key, since it is your finger.

Children and students can use this lock for their locker. No more excuses about homework in an uncooperative locker that will not open up. Just unlock it.