Rainbow Projector Night Light

$12.65 on Amazon
Warning, this is not your grandmother’s night light! The Rainbow Projector night light offers quite a bit more, than the typical illumination, after lights out. The portability makes it easy to pack for those fun sleep over’s and camping trips, weighing in at only 1 pound. It also allows for equal sharing among two or more siblings and in the case of a shared room, lighting effects are customizable to fit all personalities, fortunately, the light can be as bold and bright or as calming and tranquil as desired.

Just as most of us appreciate the sleep timer furnished with those awesome music apps and audio books, to preserve battery life, the night light comes with a handy timer. This allows your precious little ones plenty of time to drift off into dreamland. While thinking of sunny days, butterflies and fond memories of their recent excursions to the zoo and/or the park actual or imagined.

Bear in mind, the Rainbow Projector Night Light, will project a rainbow of colors in multiple variations on the wall, although it could enhance the current décor of the room, it could possibly take away from the effect your original inspiration attempted to accomplish. The last thing any of us need is to feel as though time and effort at anything was a waste. Along those same lines, consider your kids’ attention span and use that as a basis to determine how well you believe they will enjoy the night light.

Nothing says spring quite like the rainbow after a nice April shower! This beautiful night light will not only serve as the ultimate guard against the boogieman, but also help to ease spirits and add a sense of calm for the parents even after the most challenging day, or even help set just the right mood for a late night dinner for two. A peaceful home is always a more enjoyable home.