Middle Class Problems Book

Middle Class Problems Book
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Although it can be quite comical at times, a ton of people that are living privileged lives in first world countries will complain as if their problems are the utmost devastating things that a person can go through. All it takes is taking a bit of a closer look at the hardships that people in third world countries go through on a daily basis. A ton of people around the world do not have access to clean drinking water, or even dirty drinking water for that matter and a massive amount of people go hungry every single day.

There are massive amounts of people that are living in cramped slums around the world, surrounded be terrible diseases that they do not have anything they can do about it. They have to sit back and watch their children get sick, go hungry and even die and all they can do is pray and hope that their situation gets better. When you look at something like this, which is just common place for so many people around the world, it makes the problems that people in first world countries complain about just look absurd and ridiculous. A dose of humility is a great thing for those people living in countries that have proper health care, economies with careers that allow them a high quality of life, as well of all sorts of amenities, yet believe that it is the end of the world if something minor happens to them, leading to a small inconvenience.

The truth is that the world is a tough place for the most part and those people that are living in privileged societies get the blinders on to the rest of the world and get so used to their upper class lives, and this book makes a perfect display of these tendencies. The book elaborates on how people can act as though their lives are so bleak, while they are driving around in top notch cars, eating at fancy restaurants and going home to their twenty five hundred square foot homes in the hills. In a ways it is very interesting how people sort of a adapt to the lives that they are living, regardless as to how good or bad the conditions are and a great deal of people start to think that the problems that they face are comparable to the rest of people on this planet.

The reality is, there is always someone who is struggling and going through a tougher situation than you and it is a great thing to realize that when you feel like you are going through a terrible situation. It can be hard to think your world is over if someone has accidentally smashed into your car while it is sitting out on the street, when you consider the fact that there are people around the globe that are going to die today because they could not get a drink of water. Although the book comes across as funny, as it is calling people out left and right, some of which we are all guilty of, the truths in it are very eye opening as well.