Musical Tesla Coil Kit

Musical Tesla Coil Kit
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At a time when the brand “Tesla” translates to high-tech and true innovation, there is a Tesla coil kit to play music. According to music fans commenting online, this kit is perfect for hobbyists who enjoy sorting out power supplies, resistors and other electronics for musical enjoyment. In fact, there are many high school and college students who have already discovered this “awesome” kit to create their own cool musical instrument.

For those music fans not aware of the famed “Tesla coil,” this far-out music maker was invented by Nikola Tesla back in 1891. Tesla designed it as an “electrical resonant transformer circuit,” that translates for the layman as a device used to produce various electrical currents and voltages for what is dubbed online today as a “novelty music lightings device.” While the Tesla coil’s claim to fame is its colorful discharge of high voltage ionized electricity one used for special effects in science fiction films and television.

Build your own Tesla coil

Another aspect of this cutting-edge Tesla product is linked to innovation and the famed “Tesla coil. In turn, there is a manufacturer guarantee that this “kit” is safe; while not risking to keyboard or computer components or operating systems. At the same time, the public response online has been very positive about this offer for all the components need to actually build one’s own musical Tesla coil. The manufacture even states that all users need is common tools and soldering equipment.

The kit’s tech specs include:

- Six turns of 14AWG wire and a 3.5” OD acrylic former as the “primary.”
- A secondary features 2.5x10” of 34AWG magnet wire of the highest quality.
- An impressive “tank capacitor” at CDE 940C30S68K, 0.068F@3000V.
- Resonant frequency rate at 230KHz.
- An “inverter” described as half-bridge of FGA60N65SMD IGBT’s, while running at a super 340V.
- A driver that offers a primary current feedback driver.
- Peak primary current at 300A.
- An interesting pulse-width adjustable feature that goes from 0 to maximum pulse-width in the blink of an eye; while the max pulse width ranges from 50uS (at 1KHz) to 150uS (at 50Hs) with a maxium duty cycle of 5 percent.
-In addition, the kit features a max recorded spark length at an impressive 23 inches.

Tesla coils produce crazy lights, music

Although there are various oscillator coils that can generate alternating current in the low sound frequency range, only Tesla’s famed coil device produces dazzling electronic fields that literally disrupt the air around it with an awesome “corona discharge” and cool light arcs. This translates to lots of fun for tech and music fans desiring something different for their own entertainment or for concerts and science fair events.

Overall, there are lots of interesting tech devices on the market today. However, there are few products or fun musical devices that compares to this kit based on the ground-breaking design of Tesla. Fans say the kit seems as fresh and exciting as this device was back in the day when it was first invented.