Captain America Rug

Captain America Rug
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Captain America is one of the most classic superheroes of comic book history. His one weapon is his legendary shield made of a vibranium and adamantium compound that he uses to rescue hundreds of soldiers and defeat Hitler. It's no wonder countless kids and adults everywhere want his unique symbol sprawled around their rooms as a reminder of what a hero looks like and how he saves lives.

This Speaking Life Boys Children's Room Rug is the perfect accessory to add to any little boy's superhero bedroom. It resembles Captain America's original shield with the red and white striped circles beckoning enemies to be reckoned with. The center star is a classic symbol of the United States coming together for a common cause, and this 31 and a half inch rug would work perfectly in any sized bedroom as a beacon of strength and unity.

This floor accessory is made of high quality acrylic, meaning it's going to be the softest rug you ever ran your feet on. It's cozy enough to sleep on if you want to be embraced by Captain America's love for his country, and who wouldn't want to do homework with the images of heroes and villains masterfully engaging in battle in your head? It's the source of imagination and the spirit of youthfulness, and it's a great addition to any person's bedroom, whether adult or kid. After all, we're all kids inside, aren't we?

The Captain America Rug can be cleaned from any hair or dust by a simple vacuuming, so there's no need to worry about it losing it's superhero gleam. If there's any serious spills or drops, taking a wet cloth to it is the best way to get them out as you can't machine wash this shield. Overall, this rug is a wonderful symbol of the great superhero Captain America, and any child would be lucky to have it in their play space.