Ice Tube Clock Kit

Ice Tube Clock Kit
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The Ice Tube Clock Kit is a cool digital alarm clock. Some features of the clock include: a neat glowing blue tube with eight digits, a dot to let you know it is PM, alarm on/off indicator, and an adjustable brightness/volume control. The battery will keep the clock going for up to two weeks without shutting off, and a precision device keeps the time as up to date as possible. The protective casing protects the clock from any damage.

What exactly is an Ice Clock? Well, an Ice Clock uses VFD, which stands for vacuum-fluorescent display and is similar to LCD displays, but are an older version of LCD. They were often used in video cassette tapes, microwave ovens, car radio and many more different types of electronics, and were originally manufactured in Russia.

With the kit, you will have to put it together yourself. It comes with instructions but if you are still having problems with putting it together, you can find many online guides with pictures. It may be smart to buy an extra tube for the lights because the tube can eventually fade and stop working. This kit is not for beginners but will help you master your soldering skills. This is a great little clock that you can not only have fun building but it will look real nice in any room.