Secret Air Vent Safe

Secret Air Vent Safe
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If you want your valuables to be stolen during a home invasion, hide them in an obvious place like a lock box or in a drawer. Thieves know the places that most people keep their valuables. That is why the air vent safe is a brilliant idea to hide your valuable possessions.

Most homes have a number of air vents placed throughout the house to allow for air circulation. The only time they are noticed is when they need to be dusted. The Secret Air Vent Safe is designed to be installed easily by a DIY homeowner or it can be installed by any handyman. The kit comes with everything that is needed to install the safe into a wall with 16 inch stud placement. Only a hole is needed to be cut into the wall. The external dimensions are 15 x 7 x 5 inches and the internal dimensions are 14.25 x 6.5 x 3.5 inches.

The safe is battery operated so that it is not necessary to connect to the house current. Plain white plastic RFID cards are used to open the safe by tapping them or passing them in front of the top part of the grill. No one will know that these cards are for opening a safe. They can be kept with you or even left in plane site.

The batteries are designed to last for about a year or 3000 openings. If the batteries are depleted, a backup battery pack is provided that plugs into the outside of the safe so that it can be opened and the internal batteries replaced. Full installation and operation instructions are provided, and the batteries are included and pre-installed so the safe works right out of the box.

The safe is constructed of strong metal and the door hinges are well built and designed. The opening mechanism operates smoothly and quietly which is great in case you need to open the safe without alerting the burglar. The front grill is white and resembles a standard air vent. Many people are using these as gun safes but they are large enough to hold most valuable items. A great idea is to have more than one safe in the house. A good plan is installing one in the bedroom for easy access to your firearm and one in the living room for your valuables. When purchasing the safes the RFID keys can even be requested to operate both of the safes.

If you are concerned about home invasions or just want to hide your valuables, the Secret Air Vent Safe is the best idea to come around in recent years. Sales of this unit exploded at gun shows. Gun safety is a very hot topic and this safe will keep your gun from getting stolen and away from unauthorized use. Businesses are also using this safe for the same reasons. A thief robbing a store will never suspect that an air vent contains cash deposits.

If you are thinking of looking for another company to buy from, you can't. This unit is fully patented and a one of a kind product.