Totoro Light Up Plush

$8.29 on Amazon
Have you ever wanted to experience Studio Ghibli's wonderful world of Totoro from the comfort of your own room? Well, now you easily can!

The magic of Totoro comes to life in this comfortable throw pillow available at a very affordable price! The first thing you will notice about this pillow is it's wonderful character design we all know and love. This pillow illuminates endearing qualities of Totoro with an adorable plumpness and charming resemblance to the original character model.

You will be completely satisfied with resting your head upon its plush and PP cotton material. You will also find very quickly this doll is more than just a pillow to add to your bedtime accessories. Totoro also doubles as a delightful night light to keep children and adults of all ages warm and happy throughout the day and well into the night. Not only does this little guy act as an average night light, but also serves as a vibrant LED light experience. Totoro interchanges between seven different colors, all guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and some coziness into your otherwise dark room!

Totoro is also battery powered, so if he ever runs out of juice there is no issue with changing the three double A batteries to keep him running for weeks to come.

Whether you are looking for an entertaining plush for a child, a thoughtful gift for a friend, or something special for yourself, this lovely product may be just the thing you need!