Inflatable Car Bed

Inflatable Car Bed
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You've arranged the perfect romantic night out. You're going camping with your significant other, far away from civilization. The two of you are sure to enjoy gazing up at the stars as you fall asleep, basking in that communion with nature. There's just one problem: sometime in the middle of the night, it begins to rain. Even if you brought a tent, it wasn't as water-tight as you would have liked. You can't go haring back to civilization while rain is pouring like this, so where are you supposed to sleep?

Or perhaps you're on a long road trip with your spouse, maybe even a child or two. You don't want to pay for a hotel, but you can only drive for so long before your eyes start getting heavy and your head starts drooping. Before you know it, you're pulling off to the side of the road and deciding to catch a little sleep--but sleeping in the driver's seat is sure to leave you with a crick in your neck that you won't be able to escape.

Then there are those trips to visit family. They sound so wonderful when you start talking about them. What could be better than a few days spent with the ones you love most? Unfortunately, the house is overcrowded. There are people crammed everywhere. You can't catch a moment alone with your spouse, and if you have to spend one more night listening to your nephew snore, you're going to climb the walls!

The solution to all of these problems? The Inflatable Car Bed. This amazing product transforms your covered truck bed, SUV, or van into a perfect, comfortable bed. Whether you're snuggling up with your significant other or simply trying to catch some quick sleep on your own, the Inflatable Car Bed provides a comfortable sleeping surface that will leave you well-rested and ready to move on with your day when you wake the next morning.

This product fits in around 90% of all SUVs on the market, so chances are excellent that you will be able to fit it neatly in your car. Even better, it can be fully inflated or deflated in just a couple of minutes, when means that you aren't going to spend hours wrestling with your bed, only to end up deciding that it isn't worth it. The thick material makes it hardy and comfortable, so you can toss and turn without having to worry that something in your pocket is going to poke a hole in your bed. In general, the air in the product remains constant for about ten hours. After that point, it is ideal to re-inflate the product, so you will have to re-inflate it if you choose to use it again; but isn't that a small price to pay for not having to listen to all that bickering?

The Inflatable Car Bed is also the perfect accessory for a romantic car ride that you intend to end with some quality time in the back seat. It folds away neatly, so it won't look like you're planning to get lucky, but it's much more comfortable than the car seat alone. No more seat belts poking you in uncomfortable places when you're trying to enjoy the company of your significant other? Yes, please!

No matter what your intention for this product, you'll be pleased to discover that it makes the back seat of your car far more comfortable. Whether you're sleeping the night through, taking a quick nap, or enjoying some quality time with the one you love, the Inflatable Car Bed will provide all the softness you need.