Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction Instruction Book

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You too, can be put on the terrorist list at work. Make mini weapons of mass destruction and use the latest in rubber band technology against a coworker whose stolen your thunder. If it’s not in your desk drawer, raid the supply room. Everything in the book is easy to make—assuming you have the IQ of a nib and the ability to wind a rubber band around a pencil.

You can silently stalk your prey while you’re waiting for your email to send. Make a catapult or sling shot for in office use or a crossbow that won’t set off the metal detectors, and become the warrior of the office coffee squad. Your friends will be pencil-green with envy, while your foes will fear you. Fear is such a strong word.

While the intent of the book was to cause no harm, some of the weapons you make might be dangerous in the hands of a real kid. Adults should supervise their children in the making and use of the projects in this book. Okay, maybe moms should supervise their children and their husbands, since men are sometimes more trouble than their spawn. The point is, that some of the weapons, although small, could actually do damage to those who have yet to learn that target practice isn't always funny.

The book is fully illustrated and gives step-by-step instructions. The materials are cheap and can be purchased anywhere that office supplies are sold. All the weapons are simple to construct.

There’s really no reason to always act your age, but there are plenty of reasons to have some fun. All the projects in the book can be dismantled or tossed away quickly if by chance, you’re operating under covert conditions in the office.