Light Up Shutter Glasses

$19.99 on Amazon
Whether heading out to a rave or just wanting to stand out when with friends, there really is nothing like the Light Up Shutter Glasses. These glasses are beautifully crafted and have the same shutter design that have been around for a few years. However, the main difference his is the entire shutter is fixed with neon lighting that wraps around the extent of the shutters. This is not the only feature of the glasses though. There are many other benefits that can be enjoyed with the beautiful Light Up Shutter Glasses.

There are several different color options available. These color options range from blue to purple, orange to pink and green and several others as well. These are great when going to a concert or a club and it is necessary to stand out from the rest of the pack. Obviously, it is difficult for anyone to find someone in the midst of such a location, but with the help of these glasses, it makes it that much easier.

The frames come with a pair of two AA batteries and it even has three settings. The settings range from always on to fast blink and every hyper strobe. Instead of weighing down the eyeglasses though the battery pack can be clipped on to any part of the body, such as the shirt or somewhere else. This way, it is possible to stay comfortable and to be able to swap out the batteries, even without taking the glasses off.

The Light Up Shutter Glasses are favorably reviewed on Amazon and right now are running with about a four star rating. 55 percent of all reviewers gave the product the full five stars, which equates to it being one of the higher rating light up glasses that are available on the market.