50 Caliber Bullet Folding Knife

50 Caliber Bullet Folding Knife
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The greatest sniper rifle caliber is a .50 BMG bullet and now it is part of a folding knife for both gun enthusiasts and knife collectors. The round is capable of sending a message when you shoot at objects over a mile away. This bullet knife is sure to start a conversation when displayed on your desk or when you are out whittling a stick on the front porch. The creatures you create can be given away as you run out of room on your front deck.

The bullet is constructed to the same dimensions as an actual .50 caliber bullet and offers a radiant, polished solid brass case with a copper-plated bullet on the tip. The overall length is 5 ½ inches and has a hefty feel to it. With a blade length of 4 inches and partially serrated it can also be used fishing, cutting rope and many other deeds you can think of. Apples and other fruits are no match for this cutting marvel as you slice and dice your snack to make it easier to eat.

If you are out in the wilderness you can use this handy knife for cutting small twigs or to scrape bark off of a tree to start a fire to keep warm or to cook marshmallows. On a boat this knife can help cut lines or cut up small bait to fish with. If you are threatened you can hold the bullet knife up and your attacker will be confused as to whether you are going to stab or shoot. Whatever your reasons for owning a cool bullet knife is, it is sure to delight and amaze your friends.

So add this to your own personal collection or buy as a gift for that knife or gun collector. This is sure to be the front row piece in any collection guaranteed.