Pistol Alarm Clock

Pistol Alarm Clock
$21.90 on Amazon
There are many different alarm clocks that you can choose from, but finding the right alarm clock is a great thing to do. There are many different types of alarm clocks that will be able to tell the time, but there are few alarm clocks that will be able to tell the time the same way as the secret agent alarm clock. This pistol alarm clock is shaped in the style of a secret agent gun. When the trigger is pulled, the time will project onto a wall or ceiling. This is a great feature for any individual who is looking for a clever gift to give, or a clever alarm clock to have.

The Pistol alarm clock is sure fire way to wake up any individual who needs extra assistance waking up. The vibration of this alarm clock is great for those who want to put this alarm clock underneath their pillow and be buzzed awake. This is a great way for individuals who are not normally awoken by traditional alarm clocks to insure their success when it comes to waking up on time. Anyone knows that punctuality is key in any business situation.

This is also a great gift idea for someone who is looking to give a very memorable gift. This type of a gift can be great for those who are looking to have a great impact with the gift they are giving. There are many funny gifts to give, but this gift also has some great utility value. This gift is sure to please those who receive it. There are many different individuals who will love this gift and enjoy using it. When you are looking for a funny gift, but can't think of something that will actually be used, this is a great gift.

This is a fun, quirky little product. It's probably not overly practical, but, it's awesome! When you want to see what time it is, point the pistol at the wall and pull the trigger. The pistol will project the time for 30 seconds. It's also a vibrating alarm clock with snooze capabilities. Reading the reviews on Amazon is kind of disconcerting though. 2 negative, 1 positive. Only buy this if you are willing to be a little risky.