Suction Cup Holder

Suction Cup Holder
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You've heard wonderful things about the idea of kicking back in the bathtub with a glass of milk. In fact, it sounds like one of the most relaxing evenings you've ever heard of. There's just one problem: every time you've ever tried it, you've ended up turning the milk over. It's bad enough when it lands in the tub--no one really wants to be covered in sticky milk when they're trying to take a bath--but it's even worse when you knock it off the edge and end up having to clean your bathroom floor instead of enjoying your peaceful bath.

With this Suction Cup Holder, it will never be a problem again. You can position the cup holder wherever you like in your bathtub. It will attach easily to the tiled wall of your shower, to the side of the tub, or anywhere else that a suction cup will stick. Now, when you want your milk glass, all you have to do is reach for it! While it won't prevent spills entirely, they're much less likely to happen as a result of simply shifting in the tub.

Not a milk person? That's all right! This cup holder is designed to accommodate any drink you like. It's designed to accommodate soda bottles, water bottles, and any other beverage container you like. Any time you're lounging about in the bathtub, enjoying a beverage, this cup holder will make your life much easier. Even better, it doesn't have to stop with the tub!

Take It to the Pool

Lounging around in the pool is wonderful, but paddling over to the side and pulling yourself out every time you want to take a drink isn't fun for anyone. Use your cup holder to attach your drink to the side of the pool and you won't have to climb out every time you want to take a drink. You can stay hydrated through those hot summer days and enjoy swimming at the same time!

Add It to Your Hot Tub Experience

When you're sitting around in a hot tub with a group of friends or your significant other, the last thing you want to have to do is climb out of the water every time you want a drink. Thankfully, your Suction Cup Holder will come to the rescue again! Just attach it to the side of the hot tub, above the water level, and your drink will remain close at hand while you enjoy the evening.

Wherever you'd like to take your drink, your cup holder can go along with you. There are plenty of opportunities to use this versatile tool. Whether you're hoping to leave it in place for a long time to come or simply hoping to enjoy a quick drink while you're in the shower, tub, or pool, this product will allow you to enjoy the experience without having to worry about spills or a glass or bottle that's been carelessly knocked off of a surface. Try it out today and fall in love with the convenience!