Alarm Clock On Wheels

Alarm Clock On Wheels
$39.99 on Amazon
This little guy is perfect for those
who refuse to wake up and prefer to doze.

He rolls on the floor with a taunt and a flout
and screams bloody murder while you stumble about.

Maybe you'll find him if he's not too far away,
But you're up anyhow so get on with your day.

The alarm clock on wheels catapults itself three feet high and zooms away if you press snooze more than once. The clock also makes noises like R2D2. There are 8 different color options (almond, aqua, raspberry, blue, pink, red, black, and chrome). If you are feeling particularly lazy, you can disable the wheels to allow more snoozing. The alarm clock on wheels has a back light to allow viewing the time at night.

A User Review For You: "I have such a hard time getting up when my alarm clock goes off, which, is not a very good thing. Before I met this alarm clock, I could ignore any other alarm clock I've ever used. Now that I've had the alarm clock on wheels for awhile, I think it may have been the best thing I've ever bought.

I love how this bad boy only lets me snooze once. ONCE. After the snooze time is done, which is zero to nine minuts depending on what you set, this thing leaps off the table and goes around the floor. How do you stop the alarm clock? GET UP AND STOP HIM!"