Leopard Skin Suit

Leopard Skin Suit
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You're searching for that perfect suit to wear to a party. Like everyone else, you want to let people know that you're sophisticated, yet fun. This incredibly wild and awesome suit can answer all of these problems. With a vibrant leopard print, you won't be blending in to any wallpaper. Though technically a costume, the Jag suit offers all the features of your go-to work attire, such as real inside and outside pockets, buttons, and a lining, so you know you're wearing a quality product. The pants even have belt loops. The suit has a stylish slim-fit feel, giving the wearer a chic look.

Machine-washable and made with 100% polyester, this leopard skin suit is durable enough to handle any party or function and is made to be worn on multiple occasions. Maybe you're going for a classy caveman look? Or just an update to the boring everyday suit? Show friends that you're adventurous and wild with this costume closet staple that you'll be able to pull off again and again.

The jacket and pants come with a matching leopard print tie, saving you the need to hunt down the perfect match. Leopard print is always in style, and this outfit can turn heads at bachelor's parties, Halloween parties, sporting events, family reunions, and especially themed parties. It won't be hard to 'spot' the most stylish person in the room!