50 Cent Knife

50 Cent Knife
$33.99 on Amazon
If you're a fan of the unique and ingenious, then you'll love this item. Cleverly concealed within a normal-looking fifty-cent piece is a blade made of high-quality Japanese steel. The fact that this is actually a miniature knife is one which is only revealed when the faux coin is taken apart.

If you're a knife collector, then this is a great way to add a bit of colorful variety to your collection. Because it has such a unique design and concept, the 50-cent knife is sure to be a great conversation starter, and will hold the attention and interest even of those who generally don't care to learn about knives.

For those who like to be prepared for any possibility, this knife is easy to conceal in plain sight and is small enough to be carried in a wallet or pocket with ease. Do make sure the two halves won't come apart on their own, however - you don't want to end up cutting your own fingers!

Most of us (thankfully!) will never have to deal with a hostage sort of situation. Nevertheless, it's fun to imagine how useful this little item could be in such an event. Who would expect a blade to be inside a half-dollar?

The perfect gift for that person who seems to have everything, a cool addition to collections, and a fun conversation starter, the 50-cent knife is something everyone is sure to enjoy.