Handheld Dyson Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld Dyson Vacuum Cleaner
$208.00 on Amazon
If you are a car, truck, or jeep guy or gal, then this vacuum is for you. It's light, its powerful, and it's noiseless. This comes in handy when cleaning up the ole truck or car late at night after a weekend out having fun. I routinely use my Dyson DC58 to clean up my 4x4 Jeep after a long weekend muding and hunting. My wife also uses it to clean her Chevy Camaro. The Dyson works a lot better than a shop vac as well. Shop vac's always get clogged or have faulty motors. I don't have this issue with my Dyson.

Having a cordless vacuum in our house is a must. Sure we have a Dyson push vacuum for the house, but for items outside of our living room, we use our handheld. Our first handheld Dyson was the DC35, which served its purposes as our family workhorse for years. We still have our old DC35 up in the attic, it still works. The only bad thing about the DC35 that we didn't like was the recharge time, which hovered between 3 and 4 hours after only 15 minutes of use. Other than this, the DC35 worked great!

Because of the DC35's stellar service, we chose to pony up and get a new DC58, which doesn't have the same battery charging issue that its older cousin had. It’s also 10 times more powerful than its older predecessor and any other handheld on the market. This little puppy will travel into places around the house, or in our vehicles that other handhelds can't tread.

Having children and pets, this little guy has become our go to vacuum whenever there is a spill or accident. The DC58 comes in real handy in my home office around the shredder. Regardless of how careful I am at emptying the shredder it always seems to dump a snow storm of hard to clean up shredded paper bits. Our handheld Dyson gets every, little, shred of paper. This also comes in handy around our litter box, kitchen trash, coffee cabinet, and throughout our house, garage, and everything else.

This little beauty will be your new best friend for cleaning up messes around the home or in the car. It’s lightweight, offers great suction power, easily fits into tight spaces and light enough to do overhead cleaning jobs. Get your cleaning and dusting jobs done quickly with this powerful handheld vacuum.