StarCraft RISK

StarCraft RISK
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StarCraft: a video game that allows you to go to war with a variety of creatures from different species, building up armies based on your preference and setting them against each other in a desperate battle. Taking that game off of the screen and bringing it to life on a game board, complete with tiny little figures that proudly display their StarCraft heritage, makes this StarCraft RISK game an incredible treat for any StarCraft fan. Take that strategy game to the next level and figure out how the game works when you aren't running it across a screen anymore. Work with an opponent directly across from you, rather than one separated by miles. It's the perfect opportunity to learn more about how to judge an opponent, how to figure out what they're going to do next, and how to take your StarCraft fandom to the next level.

For RISK fans who also enjoy StarCraft, this game is absolutely perfect. It's faithful to typical RISK gameplay while adapting to fit the unique facets of StarCraft. While there are StarCraft pieces that aren't represented in the RISK game, it's a theme that's followed fairly faithfully throughout the board game adaptation. Starcraft RISK also takes the traditional RISK game to the next level, adding new styles of game play and opportunities to attempt new strategies. Like the traditional RISK game, this one takes place on a map. Instead of continents, however, this version of the game invites its combatants to visit the planets that are canon in the StarCraft universe, where they can achieve incredible feats of war.

They have "hero units" that can help with the battle, multiple different game modes, and plenty of fun for anyone who wants to try it. Prefer a more traditional RISK game or playing with someone who's never had the opportunity to check out StarCraft? Not a problem. The game will easily transform to a traditional RISK style of play.

The one downside to the game? It contains no "flying" pieces like spaceships to sweep in and support the other pieces. The game plays out entirely on the ground, a significant difference from the way the real StarCraft game works. On the other hand, this is typical of many RISK games: the supporting aircraft simply haven't been worked into the mechanics of the game, making it difficult to piece them together.

Most fans agree that the StarCraft RISK game, while not a faithful adaptation of the original StarCraft, is an excellent addition to their enjoyment of the series. After all, it's very difficult to perfectly take a video game off of the screen! It's a great game that will lead to hours of play time for board game enthusiasts with the patience to let it play out. Overall, this is an excellent game for either a StarCraft enthusiast or a frequent RISK player. Either style of gamer will fall in love with this battle for the planets of the StarCraft universe, fighting the war with the same passion they reserve for their other preferred game.