Globe Lamp

Globe Lamp
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Light up someone's world with the Orion relief globe! Whether for a child just learning world geography or an adult wanting to relearn and catch up on the latest changes in the the names of countries, this globe works well for educational purposes.

Illuminated with a non-tip base, the 12" globe lamp is made of a plastic sturdy enough to stand up to handling by toddlers. The globe lamp can easily be replaced with any standard 4 Watt bulb. The bulb screws into the holder located inside the globe to light it up.

The globe, when illuminated, puts off a soft blue light that would have a calming effect and make a delightful nightlight for children. With varying hues of blue and orange, the globe is unbelievably attractive. Illuminated, this globe lamp will add warmth to the decor of a family room, study, or den.

Like all globe lamps, this one features raised land and other topographic properties, allowing the user to better visualize plains and mountains by showing depressions and elevations. Kids and adults alike can let their fingers do the walking across the seven continents and four oceans depicted on the globe. The globe is also color coded to show climate zones.

As well as being educational, the globe lamp, with its many names, it can be great fun to use. Users can locate places they've been to and find places they can dream about going. They can locate places where family members and friends live. Users can locate places when they hear about them in the news. Entire families can play geography related games, like spin the globe, using this illuminated globe that makes the names so easy to read.

Detailed and up-to-date, this globe will keep users spinning as it provides information about Earth's geography and lights up the dark. It's a great gift!