Leaf Sticky Notes

Leaf Sticky Notes
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Here’s an idea for leaving your mark in a creative way! Jot it down and stick it in green! These leaf-shaped paper, sticky notes, with removable adhesive, are a fun way to decorate and get others to take note! You get 20 sheets/pad x 3 pads (2 big and 1 small leaf) /Pack x 12 Packs memo pads in each order. They come in light variegated green and an orangy-red, so you’re covered for spring, summer and fall!

Take some to the office to decorate the edge of your monitor or to leave a quick note in the next cubicle. Dash down your favorite quips and quotes and fix them to your pencil can! Flag memos a new way or ask for those coffee donations with smiling “leaf men!” Leave a personal touch on the office calendar! You know, the day everyone’s supposed to show up for community service day! Yup! Even a post-it deserves an upgrade!

Use them at home for scrap booking, to decorate personal menus and place cards, or to leave a note on the bathroom mirror. Decorate a gift bag for spring, or a baby or bridal shower, and write your best wishes on each one! You could take them outside too, but remember they’re paper, so use them on a dry, sunny day to adorn the centerpieces for your garden party or to trail along the woody vines on the side of your house. Send them off to school in lunch bags, notes to teachers and as locker décor.

Bet you've got all sorts of ideas running through your mind now! What couldn't be done with a simulated leaf, sticky note? Write on them, use them “as is”, cluster them, or use them in singles! Got a rainy day on your hands? Give a pad to your kids! They’ll know how to use them! White T-shirts anyone? Let’s play Timothy Green!