Pocket Sand

Pocket Sand
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In today's society, it's irresponsible for anyone to go out without being able to defend themselves. Everyone should have a self-defense tool close at hand whenever they go outside their homes just in case something happens. Unfortunately, in many cases, it's simply not possible to take a traditional self-defense item with you. That's where Pocket Sand comes in. No matter where you go or what you're doing, it's possible to take Pocket Sand along with you.

Pocket sand comes in a convenient pouch that is labeled, but doesn't tell anyone what the bag is for. You could be carrying sand for any number of reasons. Perhaps you've just been on a wonderful trip to the beach that you want to remember wherever you go. You might have a deep attachment to your little bag of sand. No one will know the reason behind this particular weapon until it's necessary for you to use it.

Traveling on an airplane? No problem. Pocket Sand fixes it so that it's impossible for you to be caught without a weapon. Sand passes through x-rays and searches just fine. There's nothing wrong with it, nor does it appear dangerous. Get in a fix, however, and you have a handy weapon right there in your pocket. It even comes complete with more than one dose, so you can use it on more than one assailant at the same time.

Going to be in an area where guns aren't permitted? Don't have your carry permit yet? That's okay! There are no expensive permits required in order to carry pocket sand, and no extensive classes that you'll have to take in order to figure out how to use it. Not only that, there's no risk that you'll accidentally hurt yourself simply because you're carrying this self defense tool in your pocket. It can't accidentally discharge or slice into your leg. Pocket Sand is a self-defense tool like no other.

Worried about defending yourself against wild animal attacks? Worry no more! Pocket sand doesn't take up much room in your pocket when you're out on a hike, but it does provide you with the protection that you'll need to get away. If you're considering hiking in an animal-filled territory, it's crucial that Pocket Sand go along with you.

Of course, as with any self-defense item, there are some risks associated with Pocket Sand. If you're going to carry and use Pocket Sand, you should practice a few times to ensure that you're able to get the best possible experience. Pocket Sand will require you to aim quickly and effectively, since your goal is to get it in the eyes of your assailant, whether human or animal. Also, if the wind is particularly strong, you may want to utilize eye protection before using Pocket Sand. Sunglasses should suffice, but you'll want to be careful that the sand doesn't slip through the cracks and end up in your eyes, potentially blinding you when you need to be at your best. All of these risks, however, are well worth it. Thankfully, Pocket Sand doesn't do permanent damage, so even if you get yourself in the process of debilitating your attacker, you'll recover in time.