Ghost Boo Plush

Ghost Boo Plush
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If you grew up playing Super Mario Bros., chances are good that its colorful characters have a special place in your memory. In addition to the primary heroes - Mario, Luigi, Yoshi - and the kidnapped Princess Toadstool, the game featured a host of recurring villainous characters. One of these was the Boo, which could be found in abundance in various haunted houses. These creepy ghosts alternating between being translucent and solid; when they were solid, that meant trouble!

Whether you are an avid collector of Nintendo toys or simply looking for a whimsical addition to your Halloween decorations, this plush is a spooky but also goofy delight. It is made of bright white fabric and is round enough that it could be used as a ball in a game of catch of hacky-sack. Its features include black oval eyes with white pinpricks, large black eyebrows that arch downward and a gaping red mouth with pointed white teeth and a large pink tongue sticking out. It also has one ghost arm sticking out on each side.

This plush is about 5 inches all the way around - 4.3 at its shortest point and 5.5 at its longest. It is carefully crafted by the Japanese company San-ei and weighs about two ounces. This toy is soft and fun, and if you are a really big Super Mario fan, there's more where this came from. Boo would look even better surrounded by the plush versions of such villains as Goomba, Shy Guy and Bowser.