Purple Dragon Knife

Purple Dragon Knife
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There is no rule that says a tool cannot be beautiful as well as functional. The purple dragon knife is an example of both qualities. It is spring assisted for easy opening. The grip is contoured to be comfortably and securely held.

This tactical and survival knife is a brilliant metallic violet color with a dragon image on each side. It will not be easily misplaced. One side of the handle features a white dragon yet on the other side the dragon blends in and is purple just like the handle. The black steel blade has a shadowed image of flames extending toward the point of the blade.

This attractive knife has a black surgical steel blade. The spring assist opening makes it easy to open quickly. That is the functional aspect of the knife. Pair the sharp, strong blade with the detachable knife clip for a design that is a great survival tool.

The size is optimal at 4.5 inches closed and 8 inches total length when open. It is a size that is easy to carry and it is also long enough to be effective. The blade is 3.5 inches long.

In many cultures dragons represent confidence, strength, wisdom and longevity. The person who carries this purple dragon knife expresses all of those traits and does so with great beauty.

Whether you buy this knife for yourself or as a gift, it demonstrates your good taste in weaponry. The brilliant color and decorative design are outstanding. The ease of use and convenience of carry with the belt clip mean that it will not be left behind. With the contoured handle and the spring assisted opening you can rely on this knife for whatever situation calls for quality and reliability. Express your strength and wisdom with a great survival weapon.