Floating Water Sofa

Floating Water Sofa
$139.98 on Amazon
Lounging on the water
in a giant floating chair,
forgetting what it's like
to have a worry or a care.

Sitting in this sofa
that floats upon the pool
is the best way, in hot weather,
to feel relaxed and cool.

If I could choose to be anywhere right now, I would choose to be on a vacation somewhere tropical. I would love to be laying out on this water sofa floating and chilling. Not having any cares in the world sounds nice. Warm weather sounds awesome.

Reading about this floating water sofa, I learned a few details. Number 1, it floats. That may sound trivial to you, but, it's an important characteristic for a floating sofa to have.

Number 2, it's inflatable. No, you are not going to have to blow it up by mouth. That would be hard. Included is an electric air pump. I read that it requires four "D" batters which are not included. Typical. Oh well, hopefully you have some?

Number 3, included with the floating water sofa is some sort of carry bag. I have no idea what the carry bag is made out of or what it looks like. There are no pictures of it. But, I imagine it to be a bag that you can carry.

Number 4, the top of the water sofa has some nice waterproof fabric that makes it feel more like a couch than a plastic blow up floating thing. Included are pillows that have the same water proof couch fabric on them. That's a nice addition.

User Reviews For You: "We have a pool in our backyard because it gets so hot in the summer. When we saw this floating couch, we knew we had to buy it. We all love lounging on it. It easily fits three people. It makes for a fun floating island in the pool. The kids play all sorts of different games with it. Also, the pump that is included with the floating sofa works really well."

"I'm glad I bought this. I decided to surprise my wife and son with something a little fun. Everyone loves it. We even have had grandma on the sofa. It seems to be made of really tough and rugged material. I really like that I don't have to worry about it getting a hole. It seems perfect for about any age of person!"