Minion Window Decal

Minion Window Decal
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Who’s ready for a little bit of wackiness? Amazing goofiness? A vast arrangement of nuttiness? Kooky and ditziness have a fresh and innovative appearance. Daffy gained a newfangled character. Hook, line, sinker…

Announcing a revolutionary way to kick off this refreshing season through a whirling world of spontaneous and wide-eyed wonder at the hands of fluky gullibility. Enlighten your horizon with our Minion Window Decal. This decal is die cut made from six to seven year old material. It is a very durable piece of vinyl. This four inch Despicable Me minion is a great form of entertainment for children with big imaginations as you are driving down the road with this minion waving hi. Keep in mind as well that this car window vinyl decal is not printed.

Remember this product comes as it has been displayed. Use sound judgment when purchasing the black decal because logic dictates how the color does not show up very well on tinted windows. Black doesn't work adequately on dark surfaces so beware if the decal gets lost in the tint.

However, though, there is always a silver lining to every dilemma. There some other methods that the decal could be utilized for. Using this high quality piece of vinyl decal, you will be able to surpass expectations by attaching the decal on a piece of wood. Be sure to fortify the piece of wood first before staining it. You can use either an oil based stain or a water based stain depending on your preference. When you are finished preparing and staining your piece of wood, carefully remove the sticker. You now have an out-of-this-world work of art without a trace of remnants or residue on the final piece of handiwork.

You can never go wrong with a minion in your window. Especially a minion as cute as this one. Say hello to all the onlookers as you are driving down the on your way to work, dropping the kids off at school, or just cruising down the street. This Minion Window Decal make the grade and illuminate anyone’s day.