Adaptive Sleep Music Player

Adaptive Sleep Music Player
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A noisy city. A new baby. A snoring spouse. The possibilities and reasons for a sound machine are endless. But, with so many different types out there, and so many different uses that one is needed for, it's hard to know which one to purchase. Well, your search can end here. The Ecotones family of Sleep Sound Machines from Adaptive Sound Technologies will eliminate any problems and noises that hinder your sleep, and relaxation.

After a long and stressful day at work, all you want to do is come home and relax. Sometimes, that isn't possible. Maybe you live in a noisy city, or an apartment building with screaming children, or something else loud. This machine is designed to provide the most realistic and natural sounds. This is because the device uses Adaptive SoundTM Technology that will take into account the background disturbances, and instantly respond to it. This machine is a way to tune out all that hustle and bustle, and enter a relaxing atmosphere that'll bring on sleep.

This machine is a way to reunite with a deep, restorative, and peaceful sleep. The upward facing speakers will surround you in tranquil noises. You will almost forget that there are other noises around as this machine transports you to a new place. If you only want your machine on for a little bit, do not worry. The Ecotones Sound Machine has a turn-off timer. There are options to have the machine turn off after different 30 minute increments. Or, if you're a light sleeper and need these sounds all night, you can turn it on for total night operation.

The adaptive sleep music player offers 10 different sound profiles, all of which are scientifically created to promote this deep sleep. This is what sets them apart from other "white noise". These machines are proven to work, and there is a warrant to back them up. Some examples of the sounds you can enjoy are a nice rainfall, the relaxing waves of the ocean, or a cascading waterfall. That's not all though, there are a variety of options depending on what mood you are in.

Tired of counting sheep every night, only to be kept awake by all the noises surrounding you? The innovative technology of this adaptive noise sleep machine will help soothe you to sleep and block out many sounds that interrupt your sleep. Not only does it come with 10 different sounds to choose from, but it automatically adjusts to cover different noises that happen in your environment, such as a cough or snoring, a door shutting, honking cars, etc. Try out this amazing machine and finally start getting some great sleep.