M16 Lighter

M16 Lighter
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Congratulations fellow man, the winter cuddle season is over and you survived. The sky is bluer, the weather is warmer and these signs can only point to one thing…BBQ.

That’s right, it’s time to get outside, fire up that flame, drink some stuff in the afternoon, cook animals and drown them in bbq sauce. This is your season. You’ve cleaned the grill, marinated the meat, chilled the drinks, invited the boys over, poured a whole bottle of lighter fluid on the coals and you go to light them with…some silly little matches? Oh no, you’re a man, and it’s time to light up like one. During this season, you need to light up with an M16 Lighter.

So Unnecessary, It’s Necessary

The M16 lighter is 14 inches of awesome. It’s refillable with standard butane. It has an adjustable flame that doesn’t require a screwdriver or some obscure tool I’m sure you don’t have. It can be used for lighting bbq grills, cigarettes, cigars, the fireplace and pilot lights. Imagine a romantic evening with your lady, and instead of lighting the candles with some boring matches, you can whip out the M16 lighter and light that wick like a boss!

Jealous Ones Envy

Be the envy of all your gun loving friends. They’ll appreciate the attention to detail and accuracy of its replication. You’ll appreciate their love and admiration of your purchase. All of your gatherings will be a hit and people will ask, “What did you do to this chicken?” It’s because that ain’t no wimpy flame in that grill, it’s a flame lit by the M16 lighter.

This lighter is for all men of all walks of life. So whether you’re lighting the grill, the fireplace, a candle, cigarette or cigar don’t be a wimpy man, be a commando Special Forces warrior and light it up!