Glow In The Dark Marble Set

Glow In The Dark Marble Set
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This glow in the dark marble set is a very cool toy for young children to play with. The bars, gears, and slides that make up this outer-space-themed set can be assembled into a near-endless array of marble courses.

The Pieces and Putting Them Together

The set's pieces include zig-zags, 90-degree turns, 180-degree turns, dips, circular curves, sink holes, and twirling slides. There is even an automatic marble launcher that will send your marbles flying like the wind. The entire course glows in the dark, as do the marbles themselves, making it even more fun to play with this creative toy when the lights are turned off.

This set's 300-plus pieces are fully compatible with all other Techno Gears products. These toys help kids learn to think, plan, build, and be creative. Your child of eight or more years will love inventing his or her own marble track and putting it into actual use. Hours and hours of genuine fun await the young user of this quality-built, glow in the dark marble set.

This toy comes with a 46-page instruction booklet and takes a dedicated adult a full hour to assemble. That should give you an idea of the kind of "organized complexity" this set has to offer. This makes for an initial learning curve, but it also makes for many happy hours spent discovering new uses to put those pieces to. Thus, this is not a toy a child will quickly tire of and discard.

Who Should Use This Toy?

You definitely do not want to use this toy with, say, three to five year old children. It takes great patience to build your masterpiece, and the young tots may not have developed it yet. They may also find it fun to tear down your older child's hard-built race course, so try to provide a "safe" place for him to exercise his creativity.

Another factor to consider is whether or not your child is the "type" who likes to sit and work on a project for extended periods of time. Using the toy is fast and furious, but getting it ready for use is slow and tedious, unless you love doing that sort of thing. Many children do, but some don't. If your child loves to play with Legos, that is a good indication this is a great toy for him.

Use Your Marbles, But Don't Lose Them

Besides on the race course, there are other fun uses for these marbles that light up in the dark. Your child could play an actual game of marbles with the lights turned off. He or she could aim them at poised-to-fall rows of Dominos. He could get one of those mini pool boards and play marble pool in the dark. The marbles themselves are cool even just to look at, seeing as the come in all kinds of brilliant colors. Just be careful not to let your child lose his marbles. Perhaps making him count them after each use would accomplish both that and give him an early math lesson.