Draining Soap Dish

Draining Soap Dish
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You wouldn't just throw your money down the drain, but, that might be exactly the case. Bar soap is an economical option and it is effective for washing up. The one problem most people have with bar soap is the mess it makes in between washings and that it turns to mush once it is wet and sitting in water. It is also wasteful. If one of your pet peeves is using bar soap because of the soggy bar after it sits in a pool of water when you’ve finished using it there’s a product on the market just for you.

People love the new innovative draining soap dish that was created just for people like you. Water drains naturally away from the bar in the escape spout while it’s stored in the dish leaving the bar is dry for the next time. This means it isn’t being wasted in between uses. The soap dish sits up higher in the back and is tilted toward the sink with a stop guide that leaves the bar sitting in place while the water runs out of the front and easily down the drain. The dish is easy to clean and will help extend the life of the bar soap that you buy for your home.

The dish is the perfect size, measuring four inches in diameter and will fit between the faucet and the sink side so it is handy to reach. Customers that buy one of these dishes like them so much that they often return again a second time so they can order one for every one of the sinks in their home.

Stop wasting money on bars of soap that go down the drain before you ever get a chance to use them and try this new draining soap dish. Because, you probably have more fun things to spend your money on.