Melting Cat Candle

Melting Cat Candle
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Beware the Cat! With only one life left, the cat of a thousand tales has finally met its end. Having been turned to wax by an elder witch, the beast is intended to burn until its very existence is removed from the history of the world. Looking very innocent and cute, the pink cat starts to melt when, WHAT?!, the immortal skeleton of the feline queen remains forever to haunt and torment you.

This sweet melting cat candle will melt your heart until the beast underneath is revealed. Over six inches tall, this candle will burn for approximately 20 hours revealing a metal skeleton underneath the wax as it burns. The melting cat candle is perfect for that strange friend that loves cats and skeletons. It is made from paraffin wax, a cotton wick, and an aluminum skeleton.

The cat moved slowly through the castle, Only one life remains. A movement in the shadows caused her To momentarily feel the pain.

It had been a thousand years of more, Since she had felt this feeling. Now the hair pricked up along her spine, And sent her panic reeling.

A spell, torturous and complete, Whooshed through the air against her. The feeling of cold steel inside, And then gone was her fur.

The cat had skin of velvety silk, But now without her hair, The skin turned to wax and hardened, Her demise she was aware.

In the last moment of her cursed state, An incantation old and dark she snarled. Her bones would live forevermore, To cause pain that mangled and gnarled.

Patrons of all magical arts have acquired this candle and have been spirited away by its whimsical charm. Positioning the cute and pink against the hard metal in contrast proves to be both satisfying and mystical. As the wax melts and reveals what lies beneath, fascinated onlookers will feel their own innocence fade away to a hardened, ancient inner core of metal bones. During the mid-point of the life of this candle, fire can be seen burning through the eyes of the cat skeleton as if she knows a secret that her fate is not sealed as expected.

Being around this mid-point of life myself, I can relate to this fire behind the eyes. I will not go quietly. I will burn brightly as I melt away into the ether. The life of this melting cat candle perfectly mirrors that of our own as we dwindle away to bones and move through this mortal coil.

We are bright and shiny new one day and soon we will be nothing but a shell of who we once were. We cannot escape death, but we have hope that our spirit, in some form or another, lives on. The cat has many lives, yet we have but one. We should make the best we can of the time that we have here in this physical world. We do not know when our candle burns out. There is no time for even one wasted hour. Live!